Hi everyone,

Welcome to Refuge, Strength and Wellness a place where I hope you will find tools to enable you to live life to the best of your ability.

The creation of Refuge, Strength and Wellness stems from my passion to help people. Mental health has been a focal point in my life and I have seen the benefits of making this element a priority. Now more than ever I believe that mental health is being challenged by daily struggles, especially in dealing with this pandemic.

I am sure we can all agree that these last couple of months has been difficult and we have all experienced life changing events as the pandemic unfolded. Not all changes were positive and we have had to learn to adapt… rapidly.

I have discovered that we as human beings are quite resilient, however, although people are resilient, they are not immune to struggles and a call for help became apparent.

My vision behind Refuge, Strength and Wellness, is to provide an online counselling platform where we work together to help you discover what works for you and how you can make your overall wellbeing a priority too.

My theme quote is, “for the love of you, because you matter“. This to me is the foundation of counselling, love yourself first and acknowledge that you matter.

I respect and understand that asking for help takes a lot of courage and that it’s not always our first point of call. I am here to walk this journey with you, even if its daunting to start accepting you are important too.

Yours in mental health



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