Welcome to Refuge, Strength, and Wellness. A place of safety where you have the opportunity to discover strengths you may not have been aware of or develop new skills to help you overcome obstacles within your life which impact your overall wellness.

I am Antoinette, the founder, and my passion is to help people find an equilibrium within themselves. I believe, in order to achieve this, you will need three key elements. Firstly a place of safety where you can voice your concerns, and know that you are being heard, without judgment. Being heard is one of the most powerful healing tools we have access to in life, which brings us to the second element: discovering and building your strengths. This could include tapping into resources that you may not be aware of and using these strengths and skills in your everyday life. The last element is wellness, which consists of mental health, where we focus on your overall wellbeing. When our mind is in disequilibrium, and battles are raging within us to find a balance, we face blockages that stop us from achieving our overall wellness. 

I am here to walk with you through this journey of discovery and to provide a safe space where you can express yourself and know you are being heard. Taking steps where we can work with your strengths and abilities, building up towards your goals and your wellbeing.